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MPUR 2019 by Petroleum ETC - Multiphase Pumping Roundtable

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About the Event

Advancing Multiphase Pumping Technology
May 9, 2019 | During OTC in Houston, TX at Hotel Alessandra

Join us for the 21st anniversary of MPUR! This elite event gives thought leaders, decision makers and strategic partnerships the opportunity to meet in a special setting to explore the latest advancements and applications of this rapidly maturing technology. The take away from this event has stood the test of time: from offshore projects to the grand stage, you will gain specific insight only participants of Petroleum ETC can share.

For two decades, MPUR has been the event to hear end-user experiences in the evolving area of multiphase pumping. Our case-history presentations are from the end-users; that is the oil and gas company relaying their direct experience. The presentations of MPUR often represent the only forum in which key lessons are shared. Our distinguished Advisory Board assembles breakout groups and panel sessions to maximize the exchange between participants on topics such as seafloor boosting, pad-based onshore developments, multiphase and subsea use of ESP's and development of industry standards.

Join us at the next MPUR event to find out what multiphase pumping can do for your operations.

Why Should I Attend?

2019 MPUR Theme:

"Connecting Decision Makers with Tools, Technology and New Ideas to Implement for a Sustainable Portfolio"

This year’s conference has many bright new ideas, but better than that we have proven technology that will increase efficiency and effectiveness of your teams. Digital transformation and AI have unlocked value for many years to come. Are you taking full advantage of what they offer? At MPUR we attract top talent not only in multiphase technology, but to enhance your production and increase your reserves. We will deliver education and foster supreme discussions on the proposed topics throughout the conference. You can choose which track best fits your liking or explore new ideas and new technology. While horizontal wells are riskier and more expensive than conventional vertical wells, the production gains may be worth it. This conference teaches you when the technology justifies the risk.

The Multiphase Pump User Roundtable is an interactive forum, emphasizing case study examples and field-proven technologies. By engaging, and sometimes challenging the speakers, audience members play a crucial role in facilitating the exchange of information. Brief, PowerPoint presentations help speakers set the stage, but it is the extended, interactive discussions that tease out and explore critical issues. The typical attendee has a background in C-Suite executives, Mechanical Engineer, Flow Assurance, Pre-Projects, SURF, Architectural Project Manager, Facilities, Reservoir/Production Engineer, Completions, and Data Science engineers. Advisory Members experience range from experts to those having a baseline understanding of the specific issues being address in each session. Not only does this interactive format bring the presentation material into better focus, it also ensures the program content is responsive to the needs of each participant.

Submit Your Abstract Today!

On May 9, 2019 MPUR – IOR & EOR technical tracks will provide the technology for interesting subjects. The timing of the conference is during OTC week. Petroleum ETC will provide all the coordination, program development and advertising for the event. MPUR – IOR & EOR will be a one-day event. To allow time for organization of the conference we would like to have a commitment from Board Members no later than February 28, 2019. This will allow us to begin advertising and build support for the conference. Here’s the details you will need to make your decisions on how to get involved.

Send a short description 300 words or less, for a chance to share your results and technology. Be a contributor for all Decision Makers to consider.

Send your abstract to our Founder and Chairman, Dr. Stuart Scott,

Must use subject line "MPUR_2019_Abstract_Call"

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