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Our Advisory Boards

Petroleum ETC's Advisory Boards are teams of leading technical experts, engineers and academics who are committed to furthering the education and technological advancement of the petroleum industry. We look to each board member to provide insight and direct input in the development of our technical programs and events. In addition to helping us build exceptionally strong programs, our board members act with us as consultants on projects and emerging technologies when it is of interest to them. 

Meet Our Advisory Board Members

Houston we have MPUR coming soon!

Our traditional strong emphasis on end-user presentations will be demonstrated at this year’s event as well as robust and efficient technologies and new standards and evaluation policies. The goal is to build a foundation for a stronger understanding of the developments and accomplishments in multiphase pumping. PetroleumETC’s events are attended by engineers, managers, researchers, and industry thought-leaders in the upstream oil & gas business. Due to the strategic nature of the presentations and discussion, our events are also well attended by development/operations managers, project team leaders and members of integrated development/venture teams, including reservoir engineers.

We are excited to see the strength in MPUR in Italy! The spirit of collaboration is why we do what we do.

Petroleum ETC fosters innovation with a rigorous approach by providing elite industry events, and conferences. We present validation of key findings for advancing petroleum emerging technologies. It is critical for structural change to occur to enable reducing CAPEX and operating costs and increase the oilfield life cycle in today’s challenging environment. The type of attendees who benefit most is corporate venture capitalist, decision-makers, mechanical engineers, production engineers, suppliers, multiphase flow experts, reservoir engineers, and asset managers.

The Flaring & Emissions Reduction Roundtable (FERR) is a focused one-day event developed to highlight successful and emerging technologies with the goal to speed adoption.

The scope will include gas emissions reduction methods and technologies associated gas recovery systems from both tanks and flare systems and with flare and production monitoring technologies. Energy conversion technologies for gas-to-wire, gas-to-liquids are of interest as well as transportation solutions such as CNG and infrastructure improvement. New "tankless pad” development strategies that reduce pad storage liquids will be highlighted as well as operational changes that yield a lower carbon footprint. The event has been structured to be a highly interactive roundtable with end-user presentations supported by vendor exhibitions and emerging technologies sessions.

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