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regulations and mitigation
Latest news stories and articles about emissions regulations and technology
Operators fear the unknown from a regulations standpoint - technology can assist, but the final solution is to know what is coming down the provisional pipeline of regulations.

Flaring Emissions Reduction
Latest news stories related to flaring, emissions and wanting to reduce methane emissions
Flaring has the oilfields in its grips and everyone is afraid they may go up in flames. Can you imagine being caught off guard without having structures in place for operations to help mitigate fines and deal with regulations? Stay current with regulations coming down from DC and State officials by reading our energy news.
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offshore facilities
Latest news and announcements about the offshore environment - technology, financial projections, trends of projects
Lower for longer has offshore developments in the frontlines! In the current trends of projects, many are still waiting for their turn as supermajors unlock value that has yet to be seen. We will keep the lookout for the previous year's projects to start back up. Interestingly new contracts are springboarding off old ones faster than completing billion-dollar projects that were on the back burner.

Hydraulic Fracturing Newsletter
Top news stories related to hydraulic fracturing - information useful for the reader to stay updated with energy news
The latest in hydraulic fracturing - whos doing what and reporting their successes.
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Data Validation In Offshore Drilling
The objective of the paper is to show how dynamic machine learning modeling can help drillers and operators validate signals from their sensors. Data and signal quality are a big problem in the industry when it comes to digitization. The method will show the importance of having a validation pipeline, and how it can help other algorithms make better decisions. Our approach uses statistical principles, machine learning and advanced analytics. The method is ISO 8000 compliant and can provide a framework in data management and data quality for companies to use. Depending on the application the accuracy of our method will vary. Results are anywhere in the 88% - 99% range of accuracy. The process has been validated by a major drilling contractor in signals ranging from blow out prevention, dynamic positioning systems, and tripping. The process can save upwards of 50% of time spent cleaning, mapping, and validating sensor signals. The end product allows the user to understand problems in the data collection system from the sensor all the way to the enterprise historian. It will also reduce false positives and false negative that are present in maintenance, optimization, and automation.
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