coming 2019 in hOUSTON, tEXAS

Multiphase Pump User Roundtable

About the Event

Advancing Multiphase Pumping Technology
First Thursday of May 2019 during OTC

Advancing Multiphase Pumping Technology

Join us for the 21st anniversary of MPUR! This elite event gives thought leaders, decision makers and strategic partnerships the opportunity to meet in a special setting to explore the latest advancements and applications of this rapidly maturing technology. The take away from this event has stood the test of time: from offshore projects to the grand stage, you will gain specific insight only participants of Petroleum ETC can share.

For two decades, MPUR has been the event to hear end-user experiences in the evolving area of multiphase pumping. Our case-history presentations are from the end-users; that is the oil and gas company relaying their direct experience. The presentations of MPUR often represent the only forum in which key lessons are shared. Our distinguished Advisory Board assembles breakout groups and panel sessions to maximize the exchange between participants on topics such as seafloor boosting, pad-based onshore developments, multiphase and subsea use of ESP's and development of industry standards.

Join us at the next MPUR event to find out what multiphase pumping can do for your operations.


Why Should I Attend?

Case study presentations will show how incorporating booster technology opens the door to success in a variety of development scenarios. Emphasis will be placed on the dramatic reduction in Capex provided by these solutions and the improved efficiency and reliability of subsea multiphase pumps. 

While each case study is unique, the common element is a strong business case for the strategic application of technology in projects facing a strict FID. Attendees are encouraged to interact with presenters, ask pertinent questions and dig deep into the specifics of these projects. The over-arching goal is for all involved to come away with a clear sense of how seabed multiphase boosting can impact the economics of their projects, maximizing early production, enabling staged development programs, and eliminating the need for additional HUB facilities.


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