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The Multiphase Pump User Roundtable (MPUR) is an industry leading formula for sharing learnings and generating discussion exclusively on topics associated with multiphase pumping. MPUR is the only event solely focused on multiphase pumping. MPUR has a strong technical perspective provided by the active participation of the Distinguished Advisory Board, Petroleum ETC assembles for the event. The event is based on end-user presentations and features strong end-user leadership in discussion, technology panel sessions, and overall quality of the event. Historically, our MPUR events are the first to receive historic case histories and the latest field-trail and testing results; often years before they appear in oil & gas conferences and journals. MPUR is supported by the leading multiphase pump equipment suppliers whose active involvement brings discussion on the latest emerging multiphase pumping solutions.
Oct 23, 2019
09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
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MPUR Theme: Collaboration to Accelerate Learning and Adoption Pumping has stood the test of time providing value to the international oil and gas industry. Our industry’s market for Improved Oil Recovery (IOR), Artificial Lift and Multiphase Fluid Transport is growing with pumping continuing to lead the way. With multiphase pumping applications are increasing, both offshore and onshore, the MPUR highlights both the lessons learned and key emerging technology developments. Collaboration and learning from others is the theme for this year’s event. MPUR was created to foster interaction and the exchange of experiences between end-user of multiphase pumping. This leads to quicker and cost-effective adoption of multiphase pumping to increase recoveries, boost production rates and, in some cases, even enable developments to proceed. Furthermore, we have seen multiphase pumping used to reduce and even eliminate flaring. Our traditional strong emphasis on end-user presentations will be demonstrated at this year’s event as well as robust and efficient technologies and new standards and evaluation policies. The goal is to build a foundation for a stronger understanding of the developments and accomplishments in multiphase pumping.


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MPUR 2019 | ALL DAY PASS (Includes Lunch and Networking)
Milan, Italy
Oct 23, 2019
09:00 AM - 06:00 PM
$750.00 from Jul/01 to Aug/30
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