DECEMBER 8 - 11, 2018 | HOUSTON, TX

Petroleum ETC Frac School - Hydraulic Fracturing Overview

Petroleum ETC Frac School 2018 | Houston, TX

About the Event

Frac School is renowned for its balanced presentation of both the theoretical and the practical. This class introduces hydraulic fracturing in a truly unique learning environment. The focus of the course is, perceptibly, on fracturing: the universal process for Shale and Conventional plays, rock properties/log analysis, regulatory issues, and specifics of propping agents, frac fluids, and forced closure. Registration to Frac School 2018 includes lunch as well as the course materials loaded onto an electronic tablet for attendees to keep.

Unconventional Thinking or Myths About Hydraulic Fracturing:

Myth: "Hydraulic Fracturing with proppant will not work in Carbonate Reservoirs"; "Fracture volume and amount of proppant should be a function of net pay"?

Unconventional Thinking, But True: Due to the lack of significant barriers to frac height growth, optimization of propped length has very little to do with net pay. If a zone is low permeability and is very thin it may not be economically feasible to design a treatment to properly drain the reservoir.  Myths about "Fracking" will be challenged and put to rest by the experts in petroleum engineering and hydraulic fracturing. Thousands of successful treatments have been conducted in carbonate reservoirs. Many of the problems in stimulating carbonate reservoirs, particularly deep reservoirs, are due to near wellbore tortuosity which can be diagnosed and cured with modern technology. Better understanding of well spacing, fracture modeling, flowback and how interfaces in rock layers impact landing points and fracture design is key to reaching that next level of recovery in unconventional  and conventional reservoirs. We have the experts to teach innovation and the facts behind how it works.

Overview from the class material:

  • Motivation for Fracturing
  • Physical Model of Fracturing and Rock Mechanics
  • Field Implementation Calculations
  • Proppants Testing
  • Fluid Testing 
  • Well Design
  • Zonal Isolation for Fracturing

Why Should I Attend?

This course is ideal for Financial Advisors, Sales Professionals (proppants, frac fluids, safety equipment), and Reservoir, Production, or Operations Engineers serving on multidisciplinary asset teams.

Now Accepting Frac School 2018 Sponsors

For sponsorship opportunities or questions about upcoming events, contact our events coordinator, Nicole Mireles, at or 979-888-4686.

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