October 18 & 19, 2018 | Rio De Jeneiro, Brazil

Multiphase User Roundtable - South America

About the Event

Advancing Multiphase Pumping Technology

Ulysses Guimaraes Street, number 565

PETROBRAS Corporate University
(EDICIN - Edifício Cidade Nova)

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Collaboration and standardization can curb overhead and CAPEX. With the bigger picture in mind, subsea boosting allows you to recover assets with less intervention and less downtime. MUR-SA breakout sessions will cover business cases for subsea development scenarios where a seabed booster system would impact the economics of a greenfield, or redevelopment project.

The goal of MUR-South America is to foster the sharing of emergent ideas and to document successful examples of regional interest. Furthermore, the roundtable will offer a unique learning experience for those requiring cutting-edge knowledge in this growing discipline.

Topics to be covered at MUR-South America include: heavy oil, gas handling in pumps, wet-gas metering, mitigation of sand wear in pumps, water-cut measurement, impact of water cut on pump performance, seafloor multiphase pumping and metering, and standards development.

MUR-South America includes:

·         Case Histories from GoM: lessons learned from project's front-end engineers

·         Real time monitoring: vibration tools, variable speed drive improvements

·         Seafloor boosting for brownfield developments (Facts and Misconceptions. When is Pre-Salt a good case for boosting?)

·         Onshore Multiphase Technology for unconventional applications (Vapor recovery, eliminate flaring, Reduce CAPEX)

·         Multiphase Metering New Developments and JVP (onshore and offshore)

Track-Record for MUR-SA

2006 - Margarita Island, Venezuela

2007 - Rio de Janeiro
2008 - Buenos Aires
2009 - Rio de Janeiro
2010 - Bogota

PetroleumETC has also offered their MUR in Mexico

Why Should I Attend?

Attendees will have the opportunity to learn how multiphase technology has been applied in South America, as engineers from world leading oil and gas companies share case histories of their implementation of multiphase technology. Attendees will also have the opportunity to engage in interactive breakout sessions to identify common challenges and plan collaborative action, all with a focus on South American application.



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