The Team

Our Leadership


Dr. Stuart Scott

Director of Technology

Dr. Stuart L. Scott is a well-known technical authority in the areas of artificial lift, multiphase pumping, and production engineering/operations. He is a Distinguished Member of SPE and holds the ASME Henry R. Worthington Medal for “Eminent Achievement in the Evolving Field of Multiphase -Pumping.” Received the status of ASME Fellow January 2017.

Scott is currently the Director of Technology for Petroleum Emerging Technology Corporation (Petroleum ETC).  From 2008-2016, he managed the Shell Deepwater Artificial Lift Technology Program and served several years as the Artificial Lift / Pumping Principal Technical Expert (PTE) for Shell globally.  Before coming to Shell, Scott held the Bethancourt Professorship of Petroleum Engineering at Texas A&M University, was a faculty member at Louisiana State University (LSU) and worked for Phillips Petroleum Company in a variety of roles.  He holds B.S. and Ph.D. degrees in Petroleum Engineering and a M.S. degree in Computer Science all from The University of Tulsa.

Amanda Scott

Business Development Manager

Amanda Scott started her oil and gas industry career with Petroleum ETC in 2013 as an Event Coordinator. Her expertise in providing advisory services now spans across the entire energy value chain from think tank to commercialization and from concept to venture capitalists. She is a dynamic deliverer of training programs that incorporate client’s specific developmental needs, such as work protocols, technology training, safety and etiquette skills for young professional engineers.

Amanda oversees operations of Petroleum ETC’s Validate & Venture Departments. She has obtained a challenging leadership position applying creative problem solving and lean management skills with a growing company to achieve ideal utilization of its resources and maximum profits. Through strategic marketing, branding, and strong partnerships, she has been able to drive successful businesses to reach and connect with their target markets.

Amanda specializes in working with start-ups to produce performance breakthroughs in productivity and leadership. Building a successful organization requires far more than talent and strategy, it boils down to one thing—passion. The foundation to her success is a passion for outstanding performance and a commitment to building long-lasting, trusting relationships with clients and key stakeholders. Throughout her career, she led several initiatives in corporate strategy and operational excellence, which has given Petroleum ETC a strong foundation and framework in which to grow.

Amanda takes a highly-customized approach to each project, ensuring all projects are delivered on schedule, within budget, and with the highest level of quality. Her other focuses include client services, account management, internal/external communications, marketing communications, non-profit association management, training material development and implementation, and O&G event marketing. Additionally, Amanda is a passionate supporter for women’s leadership roles and an activist for human-trafficking victims.

She is currently a student at Rice University, enrolled in the university’s Leadership & Decision Making in the Energy Industry Program (focuson on Oil & Gas, Petrochemicals, and Electric Energy).

Tim Bridges

Commercial & New Ventures Director

Tim Bridges has worked around the world both offshore and onshore in leadership positions with some of the world’s global oil and gas companies. His expertise ranges from field operations and local management to pumping services, district management and drillship project management.

Tim has worked for Cameron in Manufacturing, as well as Mexico’s Country Chair, where he managed the service and aftermarket operation. Before that, Tim started the Underbalanced Foam Completion and Drilling business for what is now called Weatherford. He’s been involved with the integration of many service companies and products. While working on Aftermarket QC projects he worked closely with customers in forming alliances. After serving 7 years as VP Technical Services and Sales for Superior’s SPN domestic operations, he is now working with Petroleum ETC to commercialize the Liquid Assisted Gas-Lift (LAGL) technology.



Nicole Mireles

Event Planner

Nicole is a Houston-area event planner who focuses on creating balanced events while maintaining the creativity of each client. Her work in the Petroleum industry began in 2015. At Petroleum ETC, Nicole manages our Vesting opportunities to provide memorable, life-enriching experiences for all attendees.

She helps determine Petroleum ETC’s events and training strategy to better serve the industry as well as optimize the delivery of Petroleum ETC’s services nationally and globally. She is a recognized thought leader on the disruptive trends facing the various segments of the O&G emerging technology industry. When it comes to event planning, her target is time management while still allowing space for attention to detail as well as holding a flawless, innovative technical production. Her degree is in Accounting and Business Management. As a young professional in the Houston area with a strong entrepreneurship mindset she has been on the Young Professionals Board for Big Brothers Big Sisters since 2013 and a Committeemen with the Houston Livestock Show Rodeo since 2015, where she enjoys spending her spare time.