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Petroleum ETC’s core values drive our corporate culture. They define who we are and why we are here. Our corporate goals and strategy may evolve, but all of our decisions are ultimately rooted in the following beliefs. Staying true to these values preserves the unique nature of Petroleum ETC.

 – Energetic professionalism

– Quality, backed by innovative service

– The adoption of emerging technologies

– Facilitating industry interaction worldwide

Frac School in Canada

Frac School

Frac School will provide the basic concepts of hydraulic fracturing and the broad applications of the technique to the advanced concepts and reservoir performance from frac designs. Book your next training course with our instructors. Public and Private In-house training opportunities inquire at

Frac 101, 102, 103
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FERR group photo

Flaring Emissions Reduction Roundtable

The Flaring & Emissions Reduction Roundtable (FERR) is a focused one-day event developed to highlight successful and emerging technologies with the goal to speed adoption. The scope will include gas emissions reduction methods and technologies associated gas recovery systems from both tanks and flare systems and with flare and production monitoring technologies.

FERR event

Reception Presentations

At our conferences, you receive critical information for improving operations and innovation and networking with the best people in the industry.

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