2020 | Italy

Multiphase Pump User Roundtable

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Petroleum ETC will provide all the coordination, program development and advertising for the event. MPUR will be a one-day event. To allow time for organization of the conference we would like to have abstracts submitted no later than November 28th, 2019. This will allow us to begin speaker announcements and build awareness of the event news. 

Why Should I Attend?

This elite event gives thought leaders, decision makers and strategic partnerships the opportunity to share case-histories and testing results related to multiphase pumping on-shore and off-shore applications will be discussed with unique technical presentation and panel sessions! While exclusive to registered attendees our event is an informal setting for professional persons with a level of authority within, their respected company: Mechanical Engineer, Flow Assurance, Pre-Projects, SURF, Architectural Project Manager, Facilities, Reservoir Engineer, and Completions. The typical attendee has a background in multiphase applications, and a baseline understanding of the specific issues being address in each session and workshop. Not only does this interactive platform bring the presentation material into better focus, it also ensures the program content is responsive to the needs of each participant. The High-pressure and high- temperature subsea boosting sessions provide the experience you need to engage at top level set of tools for decision making related to subsea boosting and multiphase pumping projects.

Advancing Multiphase Pumping Technology - Milan, Italy

Join us for the MPUR in Europe! The Multiphase Pump User Roundtable is an interactive forum, emphasizing case study examples and field-proven technologies. By engaging, and sometimes challenging the speakers, audience members play a crucial role in facilitating the exchange of information. Our formula works to help speakers set the stage, but it is the extended, interactive discussions that tease out and explore critical issues related to this year's theme.

This year's theme:

Collaboration to Accelerate Learning and Adoption

Vision Statement:

Pumping has stood the test of time providing value to the international oil and gas industry.   Our industry’s market for Improved Oil Recovery (IOR), Artificial Lift and Multiphase Fluid Transport is growing with pumping continuing to lead the way. With multiphase pumping applications are increasing, both offshore and onshore, the MPUR highlights both the lessons learned and key emerging technology developments.  Collaboration and learning from others are the theme for this year’s event.  MPUR was created to foster interaction and the exchange of experiences between end-user of multiphase pumping.  This leads to quicker and cost-effective adoption of multiphase pumping to increase recoveries, boost production rates and, in some cases, even enable developments to proceed.  Furthermore, we have seen multiphase pumping used to reduce and even eliminate flaring.  Our traditional strong emphasis on end-user presentations will be demonstrated at this year’s event as well as robust and efficient technologies and new standards and evaluation policies. The goal is to build a foundation for stronger understanding of the developments and accomplishments in multiphase pumping.  

Our 2018 MPUR Europe in Paris Sponsors & Presenters

For sponsorship opportunities or questions about upcoming events, contact our events coordinator, Amanda Scott, at amanda@petroleumetc.com or 979-777-9300.

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