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On April 30, 2020 MPUR – The timing of the conference is the week before the OTC. To allow time for speaker selection and development of a program for the conference, we would like to have abstracts submitted on January 15th, 2020. This will allow us to announce the speaker lineup and build awareness of the event. 

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MPUR Theme: Collaborating to Accelerate Learning and Adoption

Pumping has stood the test of time providing value to the international oil and gas industry.   Our industry’s market for Improved Oil Recovery (IOR), Artificial Lift and Multiphase Fluid Transport is growing with pumping continuing to lead the way. With multiphase pumping applications are increasing, both offshore and onshore, the MPUR highlights both the lessons learned and key emerging technology developments.  Collaboration to Accelerate Learning and Adoption is the theme for this year’s Multiphase Pump User Roundtable event.  MPUR was created to foster interaction and the exchange of experiences between end-users of multiphase pumping.  A value takeaway for stakeholders is the transfer of data from end-user to end-user; operations and a sound technological understanding; this can impact your company’s bottom line. Topics for the program are: OPEX and CAPEX of multiphase pumping, operations for increasing recoverable reserves, compression to boost production, subsea pumping development, reduce flaring and new research for pumping performance.  

About the Event

MPUR Executive Overview

This year marks the 22nd, anniversary of Multiphase Pump User Roundtable (MPUR). The event will be held April 30th in Houston, TX at Norris Conference Center in Memorial City Centre. Houston’s oil and gas industry first ever Multiphase Pumping End-User Roundtable started in 1999, operators over 20 years ago developed the formula to the most important roundtable discussion, solution to your company’s operational needs. We tracked the growth of MPUR over the past 21 years and our archives will not be found anywhere else, that’s what keeps our members returning year after year, they hear it first at MPUR. At Petroleum ETC, our mission is to connect industry leaders, foster discussion about emerging technologies, promote innovation and breaking news projects to advance petroleum technologies. This one-day event does just that. It gives operators and manufacturers the opportunity to meet in an informal setting to explore the latest advancements and most exciting applications of this rapidly maturing technology. Production companies want to know how to "differentiate the pumps"; comparisons of other pumping technology touches on key drivers for success of deepwater developments, onshore facilities, emission reduction, digitalization, and challenges with integration to existing developments. At the core, MPUR focuses on multiphase pumping however, the emphasis is on case-histories given by End-Users providing direct value for the operator needing to learn best practices and lessons learned! At MPUR, we truly believe in the importance of multiphase technology and encourage you to support towards it’s advancement. 

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